For Bold Thinkers

Aperture brings innovation inside. With flexible floor plates, extended ceiling heights, and top-rated technology throughout, the spaces bring discovery to life. 

Aperture is built for science and tech. It is for those who think boldly. Every architectural decision was made to drive success and empower teams.

For Vanguards

The true value of a tech campus is measured in the people it empowers, the teams it elevates, and the breakthroughs it helps generate. When you get all those things right, nothing is out of reach. 

Aperture creates the kind of environment that motivates next-gen thinking. It gives energy and has the power to push a team of designers, developers and creative professionals to new heights.

Flexibility To Fit

For each purpose, for each business, for every team, Aperture is a campus that flexes to provide ample and efficient workspace. Labs, offices, open spaces, tech infrastructure, and health-ready buildings make Aperture the most advanced campus in San Diego County. 

Healthy by design. Safe by nature. With ample space inside and out, flexibility in design, and safeguards, this campus is ready for the new demands for the workplace.